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MBK Dance Studios - Policies and Procedures for both Sunshine Coast Dance Locations

Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

  • Primary school students and younger are to be walked to the studio door and seen safely inside by their parent/guardian and collected the same way. 

  • High school students may be dropped off and supervised entering the building from your vehicle. 

  • Students may be dropped off 10mins prior to their class or right on time, no earlier, unless otherwise arranged with Hayley.

  • Siblings are not permitted on the studio premises without parental supervision. 

  • At pick-up time, if students can't see you waiting outside, they will come back inside and wait for you, as instructed by our teachers. Students are not to run to your car; you are to physically collect them from the studio door.

  • If you are running late, please send a curtsey text, so we know to keep your child inside & safe.

  • The roads surrounding our halls are very busy and therefore all students must be reminded of our drop off & pick up policy. Please have the discussion with them so everyone is on the same page. 


Fees & Payments

  • Dance fees are paid per term. Term length is usually between 8-11 weeks. This is an average of 10 classes per term depending on the length of the school term. You are not paying for scheduled school holidays & will be notified of these days. All closure dates are given out at the start of the year.

  • Invoices are emailed out. All fees are due in the second week of each term and are handed out at least a month prior to the due date.

  • All overdue accounts will receive a $15 late fee each week that payment is late. You will be required to pay the late fee/s and no discussion will be entered into.

  • In the event fees are late, the sibling discount does not apply, and you will be required to pay regular fee rates and late fee.

  • If your invoice is incorrect please email to let us know, otherwise late payment fee will apply. If this is not done, we will assume that your invoice issued is correct and fees are payable by due date.

  • Please note term 4 usually concludes in the last week of November. Term 4 fees include rehearsal & photo day, full term fees apply. These days are compulsory for all students.

  • Any student with an overdue balance of more than 30 days will not be allowed into class or participate in the annual concert or receive exam certificates/ medals until payment in full is received.

  • The quality of our facility and faculty depends upon a system of mutual respect and cooperation. We understand that anyone may have financial difficulty, if this occurs in your situation you need to notify Hayley immediately so a solution can be put into place.


Discount System

Our discount system works per student until the amount of $55 per week is spent and then families are put onto our unlimited package. The unlimited package is $55 per week paid in full by week two of term. This discount can only be offered when fees are paid on time. Per Student 1 class = 0, 2 classes = 5%, 3 classes = 10%, 4 classes = 15%, 5 classes = 20%.

Missed Classes

  • No credit is given for student absences or when families choose to take their holidays during the active school term. No refunds are given for term fees.


  • “Not attending classes” is not accepted and you will be billed for terms fees and or late/administration fees. 
We do not pro rata accounts if families are going on holidays as you are taking up a place in the class that would be otherwise paid for.

  • If class is missed due to sickness or injury you are entitled to a make-up class. Please make up any missed class within the term of your absence if possible; no credit or refund will be given for missed classes due to sickness or injury. This must be discussed with Hayley prior to attending the make-up class, as some classes are full.





Emergency Closures

In the event of bad weather or power outage, you will be notified of cancelled classes. We encourage and invite our students to make up cancelled dance classes in any comparable class on our schedule at either location. No refunds will be issued for missed classes for class cancellations due to hazardous weather or power outages. Please email Hayley at info@mbkdance.com.au to organise make-up classes. Any classes missed due to bad weather or power outages should be made up in the same term.

Lost & Found

Both of our locations have a lost property box. At Bli Bli the box in located in the corner kitchen cupboard. At Yandina the box is located in the downstairs waiting area. Please check these boxes if you have lost something. They will be emptied at the end of each term. 


Leaving Classes

If you choose to terminate your commitment to MBK Dance Studios you must notify Hayley as soon as the decision has been made. No term fees or costume hire fees will be refunded if you choose to leave and all outstanding invoices must be paid prior to leaving.

Maintaining Enrolment

To maintain your place at MBK all fees must be up to date and all uniforms and grooming rules must be adhered to. 



MBKS teachers are all trained in safe dance practise and will work within these practises; however, dance is a physical sport and from time to time injuries and accidents occur. In the event a child is injured at our classes, an injury form will be filled out and you will be notified of the injury. First aid measures will be taken and should further medical care be needed you will be notified. 


Uniform & Grooming

Part of good dance training is good presentation and grooming. Please send students to class in the correct uniform and hair. MBK has a set uniform and all uniform purchases must be organized through MBK Dance Studios. All shoes are to be purchased from a dance shop. Hair is to be in a bun for all classes, excluding hip-hop (where hair is off the face please). This is for safety and focus purposes.  Please see our uniform requirements for the correct uniform lists.

Concert & Costume Hire

A concert commitment note is handed out in early term 3. This is an official agreement to participate in our end of year concert. As you can imagine this event takes a lot of organising and teamwork. We need a commitment from our families to ensure the team is not let down. This commitment involves attending all classes, paying your fees and costume hire on time, attending photo and rehearsal days and performing at our end of year shows. 



  • If you child is going to be absent from classes, please send a curtsey message to Hayley on 0408988119.

  • Students must bring a named water bottle to class.

  • Students must have the correct uniform & hair for every class.

  • Unfavourable behaviour such as swearing, physical contact & any form of disrespect to other students & teachers will be reported to parents if observed. Three warnings are issued before enrolment becomes terminated. 

  • Any incidents of bullying must be reported to Hayley & the teacher present immediately.

A Personal Note
Our goal and mission at MBK is to provide professional, educational and fun dance classes to all of our students. Their dance training and safety is our number one priority and why we have the above policies in place. If you need to discuss anything regarding classes or any of the policies above please do not hesitate to contact MBK at info@mbkdance.com.au or 0408 988 119.

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