Hello MBK Parents!

We have had a wonderful start to term 3! I hope that all of our students are enjoying their classes and being back at the studio!

Thank you for enrolling your child for our concert season! I have a BIG announcement about our end of year concert, please read the below carefully.


Venue: Pacific Paradise Hall (14-24 Menzies Dr, Pacific Paradise QLD 4564)

Times: 1pm “Nutcracker & Junior Show” & 6:30pm “Inter/Senior/Adult Show”.

Dates: Sat 28th Nov & Sun 29th Nov (same weekend but no Friday)

We have had to change our venue and dates due to Covid restrictions on certain venues.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN’T MAKE THE CONCERTS, as this will affect your enrolment for term 4 & the current term as placements for dances are well underway.

ALL STUDENTS MUST PERFORM ON BOTH DAYS! We must perform our shows over 2 days to allow enough seating for everyone to see their child/children dance. Due to audience restrictions we have to limit our audience capacity per show.

I have split the shows up into “The Nutcracker Ballet & Junior Show” & “Inters/Seniors/Adults Show” for each day, to allow more opportunities for seating.

The 1PM “Nutcracker & Junior Show” will consist of the following classes: ACT 1: “The Nutcracker”

- Baby Ballet (Bli Bli)

- Baby Ballet (Yandina)

- Test 2 Ballet (Bli Bli)

- Test 2 Ballet (Yandina)

- Bronze Star Ballet (Bli Bli)

- Silver Medal Ballet (Bli Bli & Yandina)

- Silver Star Ballet (Bli Bli & Yandina)

- Gold Medal Ballet (Bli Bli)


- Prep Jazz (Yandina)

- Test 1 Jazz (Bli Bli)

- Test 3 Tap (Bli Bli)

- Junior Contemporary (Bli Bli)

- Junior Contemporary (Yandina)

- Test 3 Jazz (Bli Bli)

- The “Pop Pack” Hip Hop (Bli Bli)

- The “Bli Bli Crew” Hip Hop (Bli Bli)

- The “Pop Rockers” Hip Hop (Yandina)

- Level 1 Acro (Bli Bli)

- Level 2 Acro (Bli Bli)

- Level 4 Acro (Bli Bli)

*Please note this is not the show's order.

The 6:30PM Inter/Senior/Adult Show will consist the following classes:

- Musical Theatre (Bli Bli)

- Bronze Star Tap (Bli Bli)

- The “Royalties” Hip Hop (Bli Bli)

- Intermediate Contemporary (Bli Bli)

- Silver Medal Jazz (Bli Bli)

- Silver Medal Jazz (Yandina)

- Gold Star Jazz/Senior (Bli Bli)

- Gold Medal Jazz (Yandina)

- Senior Contemporary (Bli Bli)

- Senior Contemporary (Yandina)

- Elementary Tap (Bli Bli)

- Gold Star Tap (Yandina)

- Level 7 Acro (Bli Bli)

- 12s Comp Team (Bli Bli)

- 15s Comp Team (Bli Bli)

- Adult Jazz (Bli Bli)

- Adult Tap (Yandina)

- Adult Ballet (Yandina)

*Please note this is not the show's order.


Our Rehearsal weekend has also changed venue to the Pacific Paradise Hall.

The dates are the same! Saturday 21st Nov & Sunday 22nd Nov.

Times for rehearsals are to be confirmed in the next few weeks.

PHOTO WEEKEND: Photo weekend will remain the same, as below:

(Times to be confirmed) AT YANDINA HALL- 11 Farrell St, Yandina.

Friday 6th Nov, Saturday 7th Nov & Sunday 8th Nov

I have done my very best to ensure that we have a Concert venue for November but of course the concert will only go ahead, in the above format, if Covid-19 Restrictions stay as they currently are. I will update you should anything change.

We will be selling concert tickets online again this year. We are excited to announce a weekend pass for parents with busy dancers or multiple dancers! We will also sell tickets per session, if your dancer is only in 1 show. Seating will be allocated. Dancers will not be allowed to sit in the audience this year due to restrictions. (Baby Ballerinas being the exception).

I hope to announce more details about how the concert will work in the next coming weeks.

I wanted to send this email as early as possible to ensure you can commit to the new dates!

A Concert Confirmation note will be sent home to all students, which must be returned, to confirm you will be able to attend the concerts.

Please understand that a HUGE amount of organisation and planning goes into our concerts and your commitment is what allows us to make it happen. If you can’t commit TO BOTH DATES, please let me know as soon as possible.

All students attending terms 3 & 4 MUST DO BOTH DATES, REHEARSALS & PHOTOS!

Your dancer is only required for 30-60mins (per dance style) on the photo & rehearsal weekends. 

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Kind Regards, Hayley Paine Principal: MBK Dance Studios 0408 988 119


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